Friday, January 18, 2013

Stevie ray vaughan was Rio Reiser and still playing as st. john and the sinners

 dallasgoldbug aka ed chiarini has outed quite a share of musicians by now, theyre all visible on his webpage. the strange thing is, i never had seen pictures of stevie ray vaughn, only knew he was a superduper guitarist who then suddenly died in a planecrash. today i watched said website again and saw stevie ray the first time. and immediately knew that he had a german alter.. there was a famous german musician in the 80s called "Rio Reiser" who had some hits solo and with his band "ton steine scherben"... i will show u some comparisons, they must be the same guy..
 so that means he wasnt homo as he professed, just like jon stossel aka freddy mercury wasnt, and didnt die of aids either. but i know that their propaganda works well and people of all nations who deify these people as their icons (remember shem means "name " and "fame" and theyre shemites) try to imitate their idols and so become homosexuals. actually jews often are bisexual like satan aka hermes (mercury) whose planetary sign until today looks like the venus symbol only with horns on top. lucifer likes it both ways he´s seriously into physical pleasure and sexual stimulation. in fact thats why he fell in the first place and the whole neverending story started afresh. (for further info look into "the 7000 year plan" another post i wrote)..

 so when i saw stevie ray vaughan in the profile i immediately knew he was also rio reiser... today he is still alive as "St. John Hunt", and plays in 4 different bands in the oregon area and humboldt county CA, US of A.. he has a pentacle on his guitar and has removed some of his old tattoos. he still plays a mean guitar..
 we can see ears the same... go to youtube and watch some of rios songs. people think he was the best german musician ever. they have no clue he´s jewish. when people say jews are not elect and have no power whatsoever and have disappeared, how wrong are they when in fact the world is run by them.
 not so obvious here but in other pics u see it clearly.
 ears match
 watch the germans with their palestinian scarfs haha... they should rather wear yamulkas IMHO
 ears. watch his "working class" hat, in berlin dialect called "schiebermütze".. i saw him once wear it as both artists, rio and SRV.
 ears the same
 the autographs match too, nice curvy writing for both as you will see below.
 thats him, in the meantime he got his ear stitched (earlobes tucked onto skull) permanently, and also got a new nose. but its still the same guy.
 so that means that this whole "work hard and you´ll get famous" thing really is a joke. the world belongs to spirits, and they give power to men. thats all there is. its not about hrd work. even solomon wrote in ecclesiastes 9:11 "I returned and saw under the sun, that the race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, neither yet bread to the wise, nor yet riches to men of understanding, nor yet favor to men of skill; but time and chance happeneth to them all."
 thats the same man. so rio reiser was not homo, not german, and didnt die. and his grave is fake just like grave of all the other false stars.elvis presley, freddie mercury, janis joplin, the big bopper adn buddy holly, aliya, whitney houston, and and and. the list is endless... and when the press writes about people would argue about the house where he lived and recorded, thats also disinfo.
 st john hunt today lives in oregon or northern california. like all those people, he never lived in germany longer than necessary. germany is not a good country to live in, its cold dark and menacing. believe me. i would trade for a ranch in CA anytime. germany is only a shadow of it former medieval position of power and affluence. they need tro keep it down, since the german spirit is ferocious, they try to lead it into a direction profitable for them, and make germans engineers and scientists (and silly philosophers).. every arab country in the worlds infrastructure was built by german engineers. we can see the obvious spiritual conection. so when a jew is nice to a german, (and they have been nice to us for a long time now), see how much it costs them ! the arabs that surround them that worship the false moon/venus sprit of islam, are their worst enemies and we make them strong... i soon gotta write another post on this yet again.
 so all the stories blabla of dropping out of highschool and  becoming famous are realy silly. a musician is basically on the bottom of the social ladder. even in the bible it says about  prostitutes using stringed instruments to please their johns. (take the harp, oh old harlot and go about the city, make noise on your strings so you might be heard) a random german becoming a star overnight without giving special benefits to his employer (and all the musical studios and record label are jew territory) is simply not existing. keep dreaming. you can make the best music, but to live from it u need a major contract.. u can even make crap music, and people still will buy it and believe youre a star as long as u hve the backing of the label and advertizing. i know of people who became musicians and today envy Dieter Bohlen, a rediculous clown of an entertainer, just because he has money... theres much potential, the studio bosses can pick and choose whom to make the next star.
 just look at the ears...
so Rio Reiser never died. he now lives in oregon smokes herb, and jams around.
 you can see even the stache is the same, and facial geometry as well
 facial profile matches too
 both have eyebags
 we can see the nose got remodeled and ears tucked on but the rest the same
alles lüge !!!
 just put on a big ole cowboy hat and bang youre in texas. all the stories about cowboys in fact all myths of any culture were written by initiates in the mysteries, so we see they shaped our preconceived ideas of the world and its clichees from childhood. we see all those western heroes like john wayne clint eastwood are all jews. same for other cultures like che guevara or mao zedong in china or abishak in india etc. everybody worships jews but thinks theyre one of his own nation.
if yo say this in public, the jews scream "youre a liar" thats not true... they say this not because they think youre wrong, they know you´re right, they say it because if people would wake up and get smart, they would hve to come up with a completely new system... its like when you´re selling appliances in a small village and suddenly another shop opens up who is cheaper and better, sooner or later you will go down. so you have to resort to ruse or defamation to get the shop to leave.
alles lüge !!
 here the stache again
 the frontal view we can see its the same guy. he still has his nice wavy hair. i could now compare the 3 birth dates and astrologically determine which one is the most accurate, but im not a good enough astrologer and dont intend to become.. its enough to know astrology works. thats whats important..
 same guy
 same guy
alles lüge !!
 and he´s still rocking out
 here with his texas hat on right side
 still jammin

 here the removed tattoo. its really weird  how all these people get tons of tattoos as if to give their bodies more meaning, but jews rarely have real tattoos. i hve none either. check out the website
 same guy
 when i saw rio/stevie i immediately also had to think of this snowboarder from austria by the name of wolfgang "wolle" nyvelt. in my teens i was a snowboard fan, and we once were at mayrhofen wolfgangs local spot. he really looks alot alike but i guess theres hundreds of people who look like this. with eyebags, the slightly broken nose, skinny and with daredevil attitude. he is rather small but really awesome snowboarder.
 whats that he flashes me the evil eye. probly he doesnt like me...
 so probably thats just coincidence...
 anyway this whole thing about music stars dieing young, like aliya and many others, is really bunk..
 and their graves would need to be uprooted and we would see theres nothing underneath or a fake carcass..
 i know an old guy living in my street, he showed me his old record collection and his secret stash of marihuana. see how strongly people are influenced by their idols even to old age.. probly he´s listening to rio right now as you read this.
 alles lüge !
 rios grave
 lol !
 curvy big signatures match too
 here the house where he supposedly lived and recorded and they now argue what to do with it..
ja das frag ich mich auch ! ich muss wohl in polen oder beim zentralrat einmarschieren um genug geld für meine ALFbank zusammenzubekommen..


DieFreiwirtin said...

Wow, wow, woooooooooooow!!!!
Ich bin einfach mal wieder fassungslos. Und weiß nicht, ob ich erschüttert sein soll oder einfach nur unendlich erleichtert, dass wieder eine gigantische Megalüge von der Menschheit genommen wurde.

Nachtrag: habe mich für Letzteres entschieden. Danke, Markus!!!

Markus Butzer said...

das ist der hammer, oder ? hab das zufällig gefunden als ich dem stevie ray vaughn sein gesicht auf der wellaware1 seite gesehen habe. da kam mir sofort der rio in den kopf.

DieFreiwirtin said...

Alle Achtung. Mir ging es genau wie dir, der SRV ging mir am A. vorbei, war halt nur so ein typisch hoch-gehypter Name in der Pop-/Rockmusikindustrie, der irgendwie trotz allem im Hinterkopf hängen bleibt. Auch Rio Reiser konnte trotz allen "authentischen" Getues nie richtig bei mir punkten und spukte eher schemenhaft in meinem Kopf rum. Das ist ja auch einer "ihrer" Vorteile, jeder kennt sie irgendwie/irgendwo, aber keiner so richtig, so wirklich ... Jetzt ist mir völlig klar, warum das alles so war und so sein musste. Allein die Ironie, wenn man an Lieder wie "Alles Lüge" denkt ...